• Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

    on Oct 13th, 2017

Repetitive motions and activities are known to cause injuries from overuse. These injuries can plague your hands, knees, and even your feet and ankles. These overuse injuries typically are caused from work, sports, or simple daily tasks. A common overuse injury from the workplace is carpal tunnel syndrome, which affects your wrists. Did you know that your feet can suffer from a similar ailment? It is known as Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome, and it can cause you a lot of pain and discomfort if it is not treated properly.

Nurses, athletes, teachers, doctors and all other professionals that are on their feet all day are all too aware of Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome and how it can affect a person’s mobility. The onset of the disorder isn’t usually too bad to cope with. But overtime, if Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome is not corrected, it can cause severe pain and lead to permanent damage.

What is the Cause?

Shoes play a huge role in the acquisition of Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome. If you are wearing the wrong shoes, or if your shoes do not fit properly, it can be detrimental to your feet. The lack of stability and support will cause Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome. Invest in a pair of shoes that fit right and support your foot and arch in order to avoid pain and suffering.

What are the Symptoms?

Some of the symptoms of Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome are similar to a sleepy foot. Tingling, numbness and sometimes burning on the bottom of the foot are all signs of Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome. Please note that these signs are not exclusive to this disorder. If you feel any of the symptoms listed or have other symptoms it is important to contact a trained podiatrist right away. A podiatrist will help you determine whether or not you are suffering from this disorder.

How is it Treated?

Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome can be treated in a variety of ways. Over the counter anti-inflammatory medication is often helpful in curbing pain. Buying the right pair of shoes will also cause a vast improvement. Some podiatrists will provide orthotics to use inside your shoe so that your feet get all the extra support that they need.

Are your feet tingling and numb after a long day at work? Do they feel as if they are sleeping but only on the bottom of the foot? Contact Buckeye Foot Care located in Brook Park, Willoughby, Cleveland, and Elyria, Ohio. There Dr. Howard M. Kimmel will diagnose and treat your feet and figure out if you have this disorder or are suffering from something else entirely. Call 440-367-8773 or make an appointment online today to get you one step closer to healthier feet.

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