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Having flat feet might not cause you any trouble, but over time this condition can end up leading to problems with your ankle or foot. Dr. Howard Kimmel, DPM offers orthotics and other treatments for patients with flat feet in Willoughby, Brook Park, and Beachwood, Ohio. At Buckeye Foot Care, you can rely on receiving the treatment you need to correct flat feet and any problems associated with this condition.

Flat Feet Q & A

What are flat feet?

Flat feet occur when the arches of your feet are completely flat, which means the bottoms of your feet are constantly on the floor. This common condition doesn’t necessarily need treatment. However, you might need to have it corrected if it’s causing problems with your feet or ankles.

What are typical flat feet symptoms?

Flat feet usually don’t cause any symptoms, but you might have discomfort or soreness when you’re on your feet. This pain typically affects the heels and the arches, especially when standing or walking around. You might also have pain and swelling along the inner part of your ankle when you have flat feet.

Why do I have flat feet?

Flat feet can occur if your feet never develop arches during childhood, which is considered a normal foot type. You can also get flat feet if your arches end up falling due to wear and tear or an injury. That can happen when the tendons that provide support for your arches become weak or damaged.

Am I at risk of flat feet?

You have a higher risk of developing flat feet if you’re overweight, especially as you age. Injuring your ankle or foot can also increase your risk of flat feet. Other risk factors include having rheumatoid arthritis or diabetes.

What are treatments for flat feet?

You don’t require treatment if flat feet aren’t causing you any discomfort or problems. Otherwise, Dr. Kimmel might recommend wearing orthotic devices that support your arches. These devices are customized using 3D scanning technology, which ensures a proper fit.

How do orthotic devices help flat feet?

Dr. Kimmel can help you get orthotic devices that are customized for your feet. These devices provide your feet with extra support, which can relieve pain or discomfort that comes from flat feet. Combining these orthotic devices with supportive shoes can improve your condition significantly.

What else can I do for flat feet?

Dr. Kimmel might recommend undergoing physical therapy or doing stretching exercises to stretch the affected tendon. He might also suggest wearing shoes that provide you with good support and avoiding shoes that offer poor support, such as sandals.

If you need flat feet treatment in Willoughby, Brook Park, or Cleveland, please contact Buckeye Foot Care and book your appointment online.

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