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Cleveland Rocks, So Be Careful

After the first nice day of the season, there are some little hints to keep your foot and ankle from sprains, strains, and pain

May 19th, 2019
What is a Podiatrist

As a surgically trained podiatrist, Dr. Kimmel can treat any of your foot and ankle problems

Aug 28th, 2018
History of Orthotics

Orthotics is a common phrase used when talking about treating your foot and ankle problems.

Dec 27th, 2017
Analyzing Your Gait

A podiatrist may have a patient undergo different types studies and tests to better analyze what condition the patient could be suffering from and how to better treat it.

Dec 8th, 2017
Safety Shoes

Protective footwear is designed to help keep your feet from physical hazards like heat or cold, falling objects, sharp objects and slippery surfaces.

Nov 17th, 2017
Preventing Sports Injuries

All good athletes know that if they take the proper precautions then they can avoid a large quantity of sports injuries.

Nov 10th, 2017
Diabetes and Peripheral Neuropathy

If someone has a lack of feeling in their foot then that means it can be harder for them to recognize when they have another foot related injury.

Nov 2nd, 2017
Make Your Shoes Last

Are you going through shoes constantly? Are they wearing unevenly and causing you pain? It may be time to consult a podiatrist to see if the type of shoes you are buying are right for your feet.

Oct 27th, 2017
What is Morton’s Neuroma?

Morton’s Neuroma is a painful condition that effects the ball of the foot. It usually occurs between the third and fourth toes which is right in the middle of the foot.

Oct 20th, 2017
Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

Nurses, athletes, teachers, doctors and all other professionals that are on their feet all day are all too aware of Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome and how it can affect a person’s mobility.

Oct 13th, 2017
Our Gait is our Fate

The way we walk is very important to our overall health as well as the health of our feet and our ankles.

Oct 6th, 2017
6 Things to Consider When Buying Running Shoes

As such it is important to select running shoes that will protect your feet as you run. Here are 6 things to consider when buying running shoes to save you from foot pain, bunions and more!

Sep 29th, 2017
Implanting Pain

Plantar Fasciitis is the inflammation of the tough tissue on the bottom of the foot. This area is commonly known as the Plantar Arch.

Sep 21st, 2017
It’s All In Who You Choose

When you choose a podiatrist, you can feel confident that you are picking the doctor that will know the absolute most about your foot and ankle injuries.

Sep 14th, 2017
The Root of Foot and Ankle Problems

The type of shoes we wear everyday can have a huge impact on our feet and ankles and can be the sole cause of some foot and ankle problems.

Sep 8th, 2017
Shoes Your Kids Can Use

If a child is stuck wearing shoes that are not helpful to their foot growth, it can permanently damage their feet for life.

Aug 29th, 2017
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