• What is Morton’s Neuroma?

    on Oct 20th, 2017

The office of Buckeye Foot Care in Brook Park, Willoughby, Cleveland, and Elyria, Ohio has treated all types of ankle and foot ailments. These ailments have ranged from heel pain and warts to plantar fascia and flat feet. Dr. Howard M. Kimmel has practiced podiatry for many years His vast experience has allowed him to treat patients of all ages with all types of foot problems of different severities. Morton’s Neuroma is one of the many disorders that he has treated.

What is Morton’s Neuroma?

To start a neuroma is a growth that occurs in the nerve cell, it can occur in any nerve cell, but is more commonly seen in the foot. Morton’s Neuroma is a painful condition that effects the ball of the foot. It usually occurs between the third and fourth toes which is right in the middle of the foot. The pain is different than what people consider to be common. A patient suffering from this disorder often feels like something is constantly stuck on their toe. It also feels as if a sock is bunched up and will not flatten out. The nerve in the foot becomes thick, swells near the nerve tissue and is also inflamed.

Cause of Morton’s Neuroma

High heels are known to be directly correlated to the cause of Morton’s Neuroma and as such, people who wear high heels and suffer from this disorder are advised to switch to shoes with a lower heel. Podiatrists will often recommend cutting out heels completely from one’s selection of footwear. Once the shoes are swapped out, most people report feeling immediate relief. A shoe that fits properly can prevent and treat Morton’s Neuroma.



Those who are suffering from Morton’s Neuroma can take steps to help ease their pain and alleviate the problem. One of the most important steps to wear shoes that fit properly. Orthotics and other medically prescribed inserts can also help. If the nerves are not too damaged, it is likely that a patient can experience a normal lifestyle again. If the nerve damage is severe, it is sometimes irreversible.

Are you wearing high heels with a narrow toe? Are your feet aching when you walk? It is time to call Dr. Kimmel at 440-367-8773 or make an appointment online today. Let us help you live a healthy, painless lifestyle.

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