• New Wound Powder for Diabetic Foot Ulcers

    by Howard Kimmel, DPM
    on Apr 9th, 2018

Diabetic foot ulcers are difficult to treat. There are few principles that we always follow; The first is always off-loading, which means that there should be no weight around the area; this can be accomplished in many ways with many different devices. The second principal is making sure that there is good blood flow. We check for pulses and if they are diminished, we are able to check your circulation with a PadNet system, you can read more about that on the website. Another principle that we follow is control of infection. A culture can be taken if the wound is infected and antibiotics are prescribed. We then do debridement of the ulcer. This can be done mechanically or chemically with cream that can be presescribed.But what if everything is done properly and the wound is not healing?

At this point, we need to do something more aggressive. Which is switch to a more advanced wound care product. Dr. Kimmel is considered a key opinion leader in wound care and most likely has tried almost every product on the market. There are numerous products on the market from fish skin to cadaver skin to products that derived from fetal sources. Unfortunately these products can be expensive and not covered by insurance.

There is a new product that has just been recently released called XCelliStem www.stemsysbio.com; This product is made from porcine lung and spleen. The advantage of this product it has collagen but also has other growth factors that help the wound heal possibly faster!!

Here is an example of a patient who has had a recurring diabetic foot ulcer for well over a year. All the principles of would healing have been followed, along with various products being used. The patient came in the wound was debrided, the XCelliStem powder was applied. The wound decreased in size by 90% in one week. This is very significant

Dr. Kimmel has extensive experience treating diabetic foot ulcers, venous leg ulcers, and pressure ulcers. He has published papers on wound care and has taken Master's Classes on treating wounds. If you have a non-healing wound, give us a call.

Author Howard Kimmel, DPM Dr. Howard M. Kimmel, DPM provides advanced care for foot problems for patients in Brook Park, Willoughby, and Cleveland, Ohio. Dr. Kimmel offers wound care, orthotic devices, comprehensive foot and ankle surgery, and several other forms of Podiatric treatment at Buckeye Foot Care. He is the only podiatrist in the state of Ohio to have a residency in pediatric foot and ankle problems. Dr. Kimmel is dedicated to providing patients in Ohio with top-notch care for foot and ankle problems, wound care, and other related issues. He also continues to build on his knowledge of podiatry and remains up-to-date on the latest technology and treatments in the podiatry field.

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