• Minimal Incision Surgery to Correct Your Bunion

    by Howard Kimmel, DPM
    on Apr 3rd, 2019

There is an expression, if you put 10 doctors in a room you are going to get 10 different opinions. When i was a resident , back in the day, my residency program was very academic and we started to work on doing minimal incision surgery for bunions. At the time this was something that most doctors didn't understand. We wrote articles in journals and in books. I did many cases as a resident, but at the time there were issues on how to fixate the bone cuts. We used wires that were not as strong and they exited outside the body. We still got good results, but there more infections compared to the traditional surgery. Because of this most physicians stop doing this type of surgery. The expression what is old is new is true in this case.

Minimal incision surgery is the trend for surgery today whether it podiatric surgery or general surgery. Now the standard to take out a gall bladder is through 4 small incisions.So how has bunion surgery changed? What has taken this surgery back to the fore front.

A company called Trilliant has developed a plating system called the MIB plate. This plating system has solved the issue that we had almost 30 years ago. The development of this plate allows the surgeon to correct all dimensions of a bunion and give a stable rigid fixation for it to heal. Usually this is done thorugh a small incision, sometimes two incsions, that after the surgeon cuts the bone and realigns it we are now able to put rigid fixation in the area. Dr. Kimmel is the only surgeon in northeast Ohio trained to do this procedure. Please call the office to schedule an appointment to discuss this.

Author Howard Kimmel, DPM Dr. Howard M. Kimmel, DPM provides advanced care for foot problems for patients in Brook Park, Willoughby, and Cleveland, Ohio. Dr. Kimmel offers wound care, orthotic devices, comprehensive foot and ankle surgery, and several other forms of Podiatric treatment at Buckeye Foot Care. He is the only podiatrist in the state of Ohio to have a residency in pediatric foot and ankle problems. Dr. Kimmel is dedicated to providing patients in Ohio with top-notch care for foot and ankle problems, wound care, and other related issues. He also continues to build on his knowledge of podiatry and remains up-to-date on the latest technology and treatments in the podiatry field.

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