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    on Sep 14th, 2017

A podiatrist is a medical professional who specializes in disorders of the foot and ankle. Some of the disorders they treat are heel pain, neuromas, warts and more. In the United States, there is only a small number of colleges that provide a Doctorate of Podiatric Medicine. This “DPM” must be earned before a doctor can specialize in the area of podiatry. These schools are competitive and only admit the best of the best.

How do I find a Podiatrist?

Why Choose a Podiatrist?

When you choose a podiatrist, you can feel confident that you are picking the doctor that will know the absolute most about your foot and ankle injuries. They train and learn exclusively about the foot before they are even able to practice. These doctors do not treat any other part of the body. They are specialists, just as mechanics are specialists when it comes to your car.

Do I Need to See a Podiatrist?

If you are experiencing pain or notice your feet are not quite right it is important to contact a podiatrist right away. Breaks, wounds, and Plantar’s arch pain, are all other reasons why you should contact a podiatrist.

What Types of Treatments do they use?

Treatment is decided on a case by case basis. Not all ailments can be treated the same. Using their specialized knowledge, a podiatrist can determine the best way to treat your condition after a thorough examination.

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