• History of Orthotics

    on Dec 27th, 2017

When you go to any doctor’s office a lot of new terms can be used that you won’t immediately understand. This same circumstance is also true about a visit to the podiatrist’s office. There are a lot of different words and medical terms that can be used when treating the foot and the ankle. These terms work great for the podiatrists but don’t always sound like common tongue to the average patient. Orthotics is a common phrase used when talking about treating your foot and ankle problems. That is because an orthotic has a lot of health benefits and can help to cure many different ailments. What exactly is it and why is it named in such a way?

In the twentieth century, the word brace started to be used much less in the world of podiatry and the word orthosis was used in its place. This word, ‘orthosis’, branches from the Greek meaning “straight”. An orthosis is the same thing as an orthotic. They are meant to help keep the foot straight and stable so that an injury does not get worse over time or continue to advance. These devices are also good at providing pain management and temporary relief to chronic pain sufferers.

Those who suffer from ALS can use orthotics to help alleviate their pain, stabilize themselves and to support their weakened joints. Many people who suffer from ALS tend to also suffer from loss of mobility. These devices can help patients who were unable to get mobile, move and stride again.

Orthotics are typically named after the joints that they support. They are made out of high quality, medical grade metal, plastic or a combination of the two. The meta is never meant to touch the skin and should attach to the outside of a shoe. These devices can last a patient for many years.

Orthotics are wonderful devices that can help those needing assistance greatly. Have a condition that you think an orthotic might help? Have questions for a podiatrist? Call Dr. Howard M. Kimmel of Buckeye Foot Care in Brook Park, Willoughby, Cleveland, and Elyria, Ohio can teach you more about orthotics and their proper use. Call 440-367-8773 or book an appointment online today.

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