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A stem cell is a cell that has the potential to differentiate into a very specific kind of cell. A stem cell, for example, might turn into a blood, skin, bone, or nerve impulse-transmitting cell. As highly adaptable, self-dividing cells, stem cells have an essential role in the body’s growth and repair processes. Because stem cells are full of so much potential, they are extremely helpful in healing patients suffering from injury.

Stem cells are derived from donors’ amniotic fluid. These amniotic stem cells can be used to regenerate and repair tissues throughout the body. They also have several benefits compared to embryonic stem cells:

  1. Amniotic stem cells divide faster.
  2. Amniotic stem cells do not show sign of age.
  3. Amniotic stem cells can remain stable for years without developing tumors.
  4. There are no ethical issues.

When the amniotic stem cell-containing tissue matrix is injected into the injury site, stem cells go to work by creating the needed cells.

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