• Preventing Sports Injuries

    on Nov 10th, 2017

All good athletes know that if they take the proper precautions then they can avoid a large quantity of sports injuries. This is usually ideal because less injuries means less time off the playing field and more time enjoying their activity of choice. Unfortunately, not all sports injuries are completely preventable even with best practices. It is important to take precautions and do as much as you can to help yourself. Here are some tips on preventing sports injuries.

Do you partake in an athletic activity? Are you experiencing pain in your ankles or knees? Want to start a sport but don’t know how to properly care for your feet? Dr. Howard M. Kimmel of Buckeye Foot Care in Brook Park, Willoughby, Cleveland, and Elyria, Ohio can help you find the regimen and health plan to keep you in the game and to prevent sports injuries. Call 440-367-8773 or book an appointment online today. At Buckeye Foot Care your feet come first.


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