• November is Diabetes Awareness Month

    by Howard Kimmel, DPM
    on Oct 31st, 2018

People with diabetes lose what we call the "gift of pain". They can't feel injuries due to nerve damage caused by their diabetes. Diabetic foot wounds, left untreated can lead to amputation, and amputations decrease both the quality of life and your ability to stay active, meanig they are also a threat to your quanity of life. Of course, prevention is the best course of action, and prevention is all about timing.So much of proper care is getting out in front of the problem. The longer you wait with an open wound, the greater the risk of it not healing and leading to an amputation.

A simple daily foot exam can identify minor injuries, sores, blisters, or other changes before they become serious. Make the exam part of your daily routine, like combinng your hair or brushing your teeth. If you do expereince any type of wound you need to see Dr. Kimmel ASAP. He will evaluate the size, the depth, and location of the wound. Dr. Kimmel will asses the blood flow to your feet, which can determine healing. If need Dr. Kimmel can perform in office vascaulr test. Health care is a team sport!

After the vascular assessment, Dr. Kimmel will determine if there is any infection present and will treat it properly. Besides local wound care, off loading or no pressure on the wound is very important to healing. Special custom braces can be made if needed to offload your foot. If surgery is needed, Dr. Kimmel has over 25 years of expericience and is board certified in surgery. He is considered a key opinion leader  in wound healing and tissue repair and is the ONLY PODIATRIST in the state of Ohio to do Masters work in wound healing and tissue repair. Rest assured, your feet are in good hands with Dr. Kimmel.

Author Howard Kimmel, DPM Dr. Howard M. Kimmel, DPM provides advanced care for foot problems for patients in Brook Park, Willoughby, and Cleveland, Ohio. Dr. Kimmel offers wound care, orthotic devices, comprehensive foot and ankle surgery, and several other forms of Podiatric treatment at Buckeye Foot Care. He is the only podiatrist in the state of Ohio to have a residency in pediatric foot and ankle problems. Dr. Kimmel is dedicated to providing patients in Ohio with top-notch care for foot and ankle problems, wound care, and other related issues. He also continues to build on his knowledge of podiatry and remains up-to-date on the latest technology and treatments in the podiatry field.

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