• No Need to Hide Those Ugly Toes in the Sand, We Have a Solution

    by Howard Kimmel, DPM
    on Jul 23rd, 2018

Many people have damaged nails due to a multitude of issues. Some times its due to a trauma, like dropping a can or jar on a toenail. Othertimes it could be a fungus, which can be treated but takes about a year to completely grow out and it does not look cosmetically well. Some times its from certain systemic diseases such as psoriasis.

Now there is a special product that can be applied to the nail and that is Keryflex. So why KeryFlex? First off it delivers immediate and cosmetic enhancement and only after one treatment. It is made from a special resin/polymer that will not damage the skin or nail. Keryflex is more natural and will bend with the toe unlike arcyrclic nails which are more rigid and will break. The remaining nail will grow out naturally unlike the other options. The product is non-porous and will not let any moisture get between the nail and the Keryflex.

The way KeryFlex works is similiar in a way a tooth gets bonded. A special bonding agent is applied to the nail and then a resin is cured with a uv light. Once the resin is cured, a sealing agent is applied. This procedure takes about a half-hour, but once it is done the new nail can be filed and painted.

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Author Howard Kimmel, DPM Dr. Howard M. Kimmel, DPM provides advanced care for foot problems for patients in Brook Park, Willoughby, and Cleveland, Ohio. Dr. Kimmel offers wound care, orthotic devices, comprehensive foot and ankle surgery, and several other forms of Podiatric treatment at Buckeye Foot Care. He is the only podiatrist in the state of Ohio to have a residency in pediatric foot and ankle problems. Dr. Kimmel is dedicated to providing patients in Ohio with top-notch care for foot and ankle problems, wound care, and other related issues. He also continues to build on his knowledge of podiatry and remains up-to-date on the latest technology and treatments in the podiatry field.

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