• Job Design and Your Employees Feet

    on Nov 20th, 2017

As an employer it is important to make sure that business is up and running smoothly. This usually means hiring staff that will help support the business and keep it operating. When designing jobs for your business it is important to asses each position carefully, especially when considering employee health. With proper job design an employer can limit the risk of foot and ankle work related injuries early on.

When designing positions for future employees it is important to consider varying up the needed work positions. For example, if an employee needs to stand for a large portion of their job, consider also assigning them tasks that allow them to sit for a period of time. This will allow their feet a break and prevent overuse injuries. Here are more tips regarding job design with foot and ankle health in mind.

Preventing work related foot injuries can be hard, but it is not impossible. Dr. Howard M. Kimmel of Buckeye Foot Care in Brook Park, Willoughby, Cleveland, and Elyria, Ohio can help you find the right job design that will work best for you and your employees. Call 440-367-8773 or book an appointment online today. Put your best foot forward.


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