• How to Wear an Orthotic

    on Dec 21st, 2017

Orthotics come in all different shapes and sizes. They can help individuals who have diseases, discomforts and other various conditions, stay mobile and get the support they need. Orthotics are easily worn inside the shoe and do not cause the user discomfort. Receiving an orthotic for the first time can be a little perplexing and overwhelming. Here are some tips on how to properly wear an orthotic after you receive it.

Most podiatrists will build an orthotic custom to the foot in need. They will take a mold of the patient’s foot and have them try the orthotic on multiple times. After many adjustments the orthotic can go home with the patient. Basic instructions are usually given at the time of the appointment.

How to wear it

Not sure which shoe to wear with your device? Think yours isn’t fitting right? Call Dr. Howard M. Kimmel of Buckeye Foot Care in Brook Park, Willoughby, Cleveland, and Elyria, Ohio can teach you more about orthotics and their proper use. Call 440-367-8773 or book an appointment online today. Let us aid you and our feet.

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