• Cleveland Rocks, So Be Careful

    by Howard Kimmel, DPM
    on May 19th, 2019

Today was the first nice day in Cleveland. I am sure people got out and about today. There are a couple of little hints to help prevent some common injuries.

First off the Rocks on some of Cleveland beaches can be problematic. If you have been to Mentod Headlands or Edgewater Beach in Cleveland, you know that there are a lot of rocks on the beaches. So what is the best way to protect your feet is get some water shoes; These are essential for any diabetics. No diabetic should ever walk barefoot anywhere especially on the beach or walking to the beach. The other thing that you should be careful about are any open cuts or sores. Unfortunately the waters in Cleveland are the not the cleanest. We know sometimes the bacterial count in the water is high and they shut the beach, but even if they are not and you have a cut or a healing incision, the smart thing would be to stay out of Cleveland waters.

Since the theme of this blog is Cleveland Rocks, another issue is to be careful walking on trails and golf courses. Cleveland and Cuyahoga County have some great golf courses and also the wonderful Metro Parks. If you are going to hike or walk on any of the trails of the Metroparks or the Cuyahoga National Valley, make sure you are wearing the proper foot wear. If you are on these trails, it would be beneficial to wear hikingboots or all terrain shoes. If you dont have these, a pair of work boots such as Red Wings or Timberlands would also work. When you are on the golf course and have that terrible lie, make sure you have golf shoes to give you some traction. If your shoes are older, than you should change your spikes on the bottom of your shoes. If you do sprain your ankle or foot, just remember , RICE: Rest/Ice/Compression/Elevation

These are just a couple of helpful hints to protect your feet.

Author Howard Kimmel, DPM Dr. Howard M. Kimmel, DPM provides advanced care for foot problems for patients in Brook Park, Willoughby, and Cleveland, Ohio. Dr. Kimmel offers wound care, orthotic devices, comprehensive foot and ankle surgery, and several other forms of Podiatric treatment at Buckeye Foot Care. He is the only podiatrist in the state of Ohio to have a residency in pediatric foot and ankle problems. Dr. Kimmel is dedicated to providing patients in Ohio with top-notch care for foot and ankle problems, wound care, and other related issues. He also continues to build on his knowledge of podiatry and remains up-to-date on the latest technology and treatments in the podiatry field.

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