• Analyzing Your Gait

    on Dec 8th, 2017

When it comes to podiatry there are many different ailments that can affect your feet. These conditions can be perplexing, even to the most seasoned podiatrist if they do not present themselves as a typical case. In these instances, a podiatrist may have a patient undergo different types studies and tests to better analyze what condition the patient could be suffering from and how to better treat it. One such study that can be performed is called a Gait Analysis.

A fair analysis test is completely noninvasive. A podiatrist and his team will evaluate a patient as a group and help determine the extent of each test that a patient may need to go through.

Normally the test starts with markers that are placed on the patient. The patient is then asked to walk down a specific path at a specific rate of speed. On the walkway there will be all types of measuring devices that use the markers to collect data from the patient’s movements. There is also a video analysis system that captures the patient’s movements and helps to analyze their internal and external forces as they move. The data is then reviewed and processed to help assess what ailment a patient is suffering from.

Pain in the lower legs and extremities is usually felt only when a patient is moving. It tends to radiate from the source of the pain and make other parts of the body feel as if they are in pain as well. Since this can be a challenge there are many tests that can be used in conjunction with a gait analysis to determine where the pain is coming from on the lower extremities.

These tests are:

Most of these tests are considered passive and require little to no movement from a patient. They are very helpful when ruling out certain causes. Gait analysis on the other hand helps podiatrists examine active measurement and how the body reacts while moving.

Having a hard time figuring out what is ailing your feet or ankles? Think a gait analysis test might be right for you? Call us! A podiatrist such as Dr. Howard M. Kimmel, of Buckeye Foot Care located in Brook Park, Willoughby, Cleveland and Elyria, Ohio can help you analyze your gait. Call 440-367-8773 or make an appointment online today.



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